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WOTN.  This acronym is undoubtedly familiar to those in a tasting group or who read wine-tasting blogs. It is an abbreviation of Wine of the Night and is a polite expression of the sentiment “holy *^@#, where can I get some of that!”. For a wine to be WOTN, it should be clearly superior to everything else tasted that evening or session – embodying everything you want and nothing you don’t.

In this setting it will refer to a recent release of an archetypal wine, one that exemplifies a grape, region & vintage in a way that it sets me to noting its inventory level daily so as not to miss the opportunity to remake its acquaintance at leisure and in full. At home, perhaps even with company. As I’ve told my editor, it gives me the chance to politely say to fellow wine lovers “if you don’t buy this you’re dumb.”

The 2011 Weingut Bernhard Ott Riesling “Von Rotem Schotter” is a gem, a beautiful expression of the Riesling grape in a dry wine made in red gravel by a man who roams and tends his vineyards daily and meticulously. The aromatics are clear and precise, with peaches & apricots, flowers and minerality all playing a part. On the palate there is richness but delicacy, complexity without stratification and a texture that glides effortlessly. The finish is dry but not sharp, intriguing and beguiling, lengthy and persistent in the complexity found on the palate. It is a seamless, balanced and nuanced wine that begs to be bottled in a Liter bottle – the 750ml runs dry too soon! On the other hand, the second 750ml offers an opportunity for restraint and for taking a look the following day to enjoy a more relaxed version and speculate on the ageing curve.

So there you have it and here it is, a beautiful wine that was the WOTN of everything we tasted last week and now available on our shelves. And did I mention for $14.99? If you don’t buy this  …  there’s more for me!  

Matt S., Beltramo’s Wine Consultant & Assistant Manager

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