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New Arrival: Le Chiuse Rosso di Montalcino

Le Chiuse has a rich history in Montalcino. Located on the north-east hillside of Montosoli, the winery played a key role in the vineyard holdings of the legendary Biondi-Santi family since the late 18th Century when Biondi-Santi used these vineyards for their Riserva Bottling.

Le Chiuse has just released their 2010 Rosso di Montalcino ($27.99), and it’s dynamite. The wine-making process is the same as the Brunello but without the need of ageing. Made from 60-70 year old vines, the wine has lovely aromas of clove, allspice, mint and Red/Black fruits. The flavors are fresh, ripe and juicy with a hint of savory bouillon notes. Nice punch/intensity.

Howard Padgett, Imported Wine buyer

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