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Martini Mixers

Let’s talk Martini Mixers. Mixologists have tried mixing just about anything and everything into classic Vodka Martinis in search of something inspired but only a few have had true staying power.

The two Martini variations that are so universally enjoyed that they have become their own cocktails, with their own names, are The Cosmopolitan and The Lemon Drop.  To make your party mixing a breeze, here are a few cocktail mixes to which you “just add Vodka.”  Might we recommend Hangar “Buddah’s Hand” Citron Vodka ($27.99).  This locally made gem has been a favorite since it first hit the scene.

Lemon Drop Mixers

Stirrings Lemon Drop  ($7.49)A great one from Nantucket Island, and our most popular.  Made with real lemon juices and can sugar. A very good mixer.

Monin Lemon Drop ($6.99) – Considered a Gourmet mixer, the Monin brand is known for its fresh fruit flavors.  Lemon drop is one of their most popular.

Cosmopolitan Mixers

Stirrings Cosmo Mix ($7.49) – A straight-forward blend of cranberry juice and lime juice.  100% real and 100% good.

Roses Infusion Cosmo Mix ($5.99) – from New York is a standard Cosmo mix you can depend on.

Powell and Mahoney Cosmo ($7.99) – founded in 1979, this company made the rounds with their Cosmopolitan from New York to Florida.  Made with organic cane sugar, lime juice and cranberry juice.

We also carry some additional Martini Mix flavors to add a fruitful twist to your cocktails.

Stirrings Mixers are very popular at Beltramo’s and Stirrings Apple Martini Mix ($7.49) made with real apple juice and cane sugar is definitely the number one Apple Martini mix.  In fact, Stirrings whole line of mixers never fails to please.  Other Stirrings Martini Mixer flavors  that we carry are Pomegranate and Watermelon.

We also stock two additional flavors of Roses Infusions ($5.99): Sour Apple and Pomegranate twist.  Both offer nice flavors in fun looking package.  Good tastes for good times!

Start shaking!

Mike Giles, Beltramo’s Mixers Buyer

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