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What’s that behind there? A Single Malt Treasure

highland park 50 - 2You know those shows where people are cleaning up and find something, and it’s worth a small fortune (even if you don’t watch you’ve seen the ads). Well, that’s what happened here: recently, we stumbled upon a bottle of 50 Year Old Highland Park Single Malt Scotch, released in October 2010.  Granted it’s not an antique Russian Bear Clock that we found, but it is pretty rare. So hopefully you found something worth a small fortune in your garage, and the profits are burning a hole in your pocket.  If so, let us tempt you to spend it on a new acquisition of something old: a bottle of what is touted as the oldest island single malt ever produced.

HP 50 with BoxThe Highland Park 50 Year Old will even look better than that Russian Bear Clock on your mantle.  The Scotch is encased in a limited edition bottle which is wrapped in a netting of hand-crafted ornate sterling silver designed by Maeve Gillies, Scottish bridal jewelry designer based in New York.  The bottle design is said to express the best of Orkney’s natural elements.  The bottle itself is then packaged in a hand-carved oak box, with a sterling silver porthole, allowing one to spy the prize inside.

Highland Park describes this gem as:

Highland Park 50 Year Old is the distillery’s oldest and most prestigious release. Only 275 bottles of this remarkable Limited Edition are available. It is a vatting of five casks distilled in 1960. Like all Highland Park, the 50 year old has been cask-harmonised, that is to say, refilled into casks upon reaching maturity in order to ensure perfect balance and consistency.

To ensure the full impact of the rich, complex flavours that come from a lifetime of maturation, Highland Park 50 Year Old has been bottled at 44.8% abv.


Appearance:Clear and bright with burnished mahogany hues.

Nose:Complex and multi-layered; dusty wood and old tobacco pouch at first. Slowly the emphasis moves to fruit and spices; cooked damsons, raisins and nutmeg are all prevalent.

Palate:At full strength, it is rich and spicy with excellent tannins and notes of muscovado sugar to the fore with a hint of wax. When reduced, orange peel, camphor and cloves emerge.

Finish:Long and very spicy, slightly smoky remnants.

This treasured bottle is so special that it comes with its own YouTube video by Gerry Tosh, Highland Park’s Head of Brand Education: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHfbeBAK9kQ.

This is likely the last bottle of the original 275 that you will find available for purchase in the United States, making it the last great find of its kind.

- Rick C., Beltramo’s Spirits Buyer




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