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The Park is Open

Cognac Park is back in the U.S.A after a short hiatus and the timing couldn’t be better and not just because that Cognac season is here but more importantly the prices and availability of the larger more well known celebrity image driven Cognac houses are becoming more unpredictable on a weekly basis.

Cognac Park is known for its elegant, delicate, and light character. Producers, growers, and distillers since 1880, the Tessendier family have been producers of Cognac Park since its creation.

Notes from the producer:

VS ($29.99)  – Cognac Park VS highlights the remarkably unadulterated style typical of cognac Park while providing a satisfying and enjoyable tasting experience. Hand crafted in small batches. One first encounters the combined aromas of dried spring flowers, caramelized apples, and macerated cherries opening up into a structured yet delicate palate, resulting in a perfectly robust and subtly peered aftertaste.

VSOP ($36.99) – Unlike any other VSOP, the unique fusion of crisp flavors makes this cognac easy to drink and delectable. Crafted from select eaux-de-vie. A crisp bouquet of citrus flavors, caramelized banana flambé, and freshly-picked wild peaches flourishes to a pleasing marriage of jasmine and earl grey truly incomparable sensory experience.

Borderies ($58.89) – This special blend hails exclusively from the idyllic Borderies growing area of the Cognac region and has been carefully assembled to highlight the delightful characteristics typical of only the best Borderies cognacs, as seen through its rich and bright apricot color. Delicate floral aromas and a light palate, this cognac is a smooth transition from a VSOP cognac to an XO and has the combined aromas reminiscent of apricots and vanilla with subtle notes of violets.

XO ($159.99)- Cognac Park XO cognac is destined to satisfy those who are curious and desire a cognac with a distinct individuality. Highlighted with shades of amber and the preliminary light bouquet of dried apricots, frangipane, and wild blackberries gently confront the nose and lead to a pleasant warming scent of lemon cake. The balance between finesse and complexity makes this cognac very notable on the palette. Commencing with the combination of light and musky scents of honey, saffron, and gingerbread and tinted with fresh cranberries and vanilla, the palate of this full-bodied cognac complements its initial aromas by bringing the flavors together into a strong harmonious finish with subtle surprises concluding with a long aftertaste.

The artisan and unadulterated style of Cognac Park make it and exceptional and pure product. Park blends are appreciably older than the minimum legal requirements. I believe the entire line represents some of the strongest quality price ratio to be found in Cognac at this time. So if you are more concerned with taste and less with market presence, the Park Cognac line is definitely the way to go. Who knows it could replace Yosemite as your favorite ‘Park.’

Rick C., Beltramo’s Spirits Buyer

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