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My Favorite Aperitifs

Every dog has its day, so the saying goes…and cocktails are certainly back in vogue. Any bar or club worth its salt has a resident mixologist and TV shows such as ‘Mad Men’ have certainly ignited the public’s interest in the classic drinks of yester year.With the heightened awareness of old recipes and timeless beverages I predict that the moment is now for the Aperitif to once again become a staple infusion before a meal. My favorites are listed below:

Lillet Blanc ($15.99):  Delightfull, delicate and elegent, aromas of orange rind and apricot with subltle honeysuckle tones. The finish has a slight bitter kick to it, owing to the quinine that is part of this drinks heritage.

Carpano Antica Formula ($27.99): Intriguing, dark and rich, a cornucopia of fruit and herbs. Orange, mint, clove and black treacle with an edge, quite unique, utterly delicious.

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur ($31.98): Exquisite, haunting. A perfect balance of sweetness, alcohol and acidity. Grapefruit, pears and fresh flowers, this is quite simply delicious.

Ricard ($27.79): The jewel of Marseilles. Licorice and anise, floral and fragrant. A thirst quencher bar no other. 

Delamotte NV Champagne ($34.99) Dry. The nose reveals crisp apple and lemon, the palette  has a hint of almond and ginger with a bright mineral, chalky finish. 

Lustau Fino, Jarana Solera ($14.99): Considered by many to be the ultimate Aperitif. The wine opens with an aroma  of pecan and brazil nuts, there is a hint of ripe apple and vanilla, with a lush lingering finish.

James D-B, Beltramo’s Wine Consultant

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