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Mai Tai Made Easy

The secret to a good Mai Tai is the fresh limes, even when using a mix.  Many patrons also like to add a splash of pineapple juice which works as an emulsifier to create a more blended flavor for your cocktail.

Of course the Mai Tai mix is equally important, and we’ve got you covered with several different selections.

Trader Vics Mai Tai Mix is a local Bay Area product, and is our best selling Mai Tai mix.  Produced since 1944, it started at the original Trader Vics Restaurant in Oakland which claimed to have created the first Mai Tai and is greatly responsible for their popularity.  A great mix!  ($6.99)

Kukui Mai Tai Mix is an authentic Hawaiian mix made with Hawaiian cane sugar and fruit flavors.  Popular and tasty. ($5.99)

La Paz Mai Tai from Southern California is a standard and trustworthy mixer, good for folks on the go! ($4.99)

Mr. and Mrs. T’s Mai Tai is a citrus blend loaded with flavors of pineapple, lemons, oranges and lime.  Makes a dependable Mai Tai. ($3.99)

As for the alcohol, it depends how you like to mix them.  Myers’s Rum Original Dark ($19.99) has the perfect dark, full-bodied flavor to go with Trader Vics Mai Tai Mix.  If you are looking for a lighter Rum to splash into the others, try Don Q Cristal Rum ($10.99).

Suggested garnish: a tropical sunset. But a wedge of lime or pineapple, or even a maraschino cherry will do.

Mike G, Beltramo’s Mixers and Bitters Buyer 

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