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Island Treats for the Summer

Summer is here so let’s break out the refreshments! There certainly is no shortage of delicious libation recipes available for summertime consumption: a Mai Tai here, a Margarita there are grand ideas but when prepared correctly require multiple ingredients. Here is an idea for some island treats that are as easy to make, as they are tasty. Here is what you need: Hangar One Vodka ,club soda/seltzer and ice.

Which Hangar One you might ask? Well you do have choices when talking about Hangar  One,

“Buddha’s Hand” Citron

Mandarin Orange

Kaffir Lime

Frasier River Raspberry

Maine Blueberry

Spiced Pear

It’s like picking out which Popsicle flavor you want (raspberry for me). Mix soda water/seltzer with any of these fruit bursting vodkas and you will have a cocktail that is not only refreshing but has the side benefit of being lower in calories and zero carbohydrates so you get a “skinny” cocktail that isn’t thin on flavor. All Hangar Vodkas are made with fresh fruit so the taste is real which I prefer over “unreal.”  And for a Bloody Mary option try the Hangar Chipolte on the rocks or with soda – it will get you there without the sodium. If you need simpler the Hangar “Straight” is a great on the rocks or up vodka, it is a blend of Viognier grapes and wheat (the flavors are all wheat based) it has a slightly sweet, viscous mouth feel and no burn.

All Hangar One Vodkas are $27.99. For detailed Hangar One information visit their website www.hangarone.com. The distillery is located on Alameda Island (island drinks) tours are available and if you live on the SF peninsula you can Cal train to the ferry that gets you right there. Enjoy the island lifestyle.

Rick Clay, Beltramo’s Spirits Buyer

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