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Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

This non-alcoholic beer is really more of a soft drink, with a nice ginger kick.  It is a base for mixing several classic elixirs.  The Moscow Mule combines Ginger Beer with Vodka and lime juice and a Dark ‘n Stormy is the traditional cocktail of Bermuda in which Dark Rum is added to Ginger Beer.  You can even make a Ginger Beer Shandy when you mix it with an ale or lager.

Beltramo’s has several brands available for your mixing delight:

Bundaberg Ginger Beer (Regular & Diet)

Cock N Bull

Gosling’s (favored  for mixing Dark ‘n Stormy)

Maine Root Ginger Brew

Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Come check them out!

Mike G., Beltramo’s Soda & Mixers Buyer

Ginger Beer 3

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