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Tonic Time

In the old days, Tonics were invented to remedy stomach ailments and improve digestion, well before they were used to accompany distilled spirits to create cocktails.  Even today, tonic water, club soda and seltzer are consumed without alcohol mixers, but I hope you saw our Spirit Buyer, Rick Clay’s, recent Blog titled “Tonic Remix” filled with Tonic Cocktail suggestions.   Whether your choice is mixed or straight, here at Beltramo’s we have kept our feelers out to obtain the newest and best tonics, clubs and seltzers available, while keeping old favorites close.  Here’s the tonic run down:

Fever Tree Tonic – Made in the UK, this is a West Indies style Tonic that is crisp and clean.  Made with botanical oils, spring water, and quinine from the fever tree, it is very popular and goes great with spirits.  Also comes in diet.  ($6.49/4 pack)

Q Tonic – Made in Brooklyn, NY, Q is hand crafted with choice Peruvian quinine for medicinal purposes and is lightly sweetened with organic agave for fewer calories than regular tonic waters.  It has a Champagne like carbonation.  Also very popular. ($6.99/4 pack)

Fentimans Tonic – From the U.K., Fentimans is “botanically brewed” with an organic grain base, milled quinine bark, lemongrass and a touch of cane sugar.  ($8.99/ 4 pack)

Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup – From Charleston, South Carolina, this tonic, made in small batches, is actually a syrup which makes it quite unique.  It is made with a base of quinine with added botanicals and cane sugar.  You can choose how much to add to your cocktail along with soda water to make the mix of your perfection.  Tasty!  ($21.99)

And of course, we have your standards!  We never overlook the old school favorites like Schweppes Tonic and Canada Dry Tonic, so you’ll always find those on our shelves as well.

Mike G., Mixers & Bitters Buyer

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