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Aromatic Bitters at Beltramo’s

Bitters have come a long way!  Originally they were created for medicinal purposes in Europe, and I am a firm believer that bitters serve as an excellent upset stomach reliever.  Starting in the early 1900’s bitters were used as cocktail companions, and their place at the bar continues today with growing popularity and a growing selection of styles and flavors.

I am proud to say that Beltramo’s carries eleven different brands of bitters, in all kinds of flavors and from all around the world.  Come in and see our selection, and I’d be happy to offer you a taste!

I can’t possibly describe them all here, but let me whet your taste buds by describing just a few of our offerings.

Peychauds ($9.99) is the #1 seller at Beltramo’s.  Hailing from New Orleans, Peychauds started in the early 1800’s by Antoine Peychaud when bitters were a popular elixir.  The product still has the original label from way back then, and still has staying power as a popular seller.  35% ABV.

Angostura Bitters ($7.99-$16.99) – From the Port of Spain, Trinidad, this is another trustworthy bitter that has been around since the 1800’s with quality and staying power to last the ages.  It is a mainstay for any bar.  Also available in an orange bitter flavor which we carry as well.  44%ABV.

Regans Orange Bitters #6 ($11.49) – Regans is made by Sazarac Co. in New Orleans.  As the company name and city of origin imply, this is a bitter for those that take their cocktails seriously.  Created by Gary Regan and hand-made with special botanicals, this is a one-of-a-kind orange bitter.  45% ABV.

Underberg Bitters ($4.49) – Another oldie, hailing from Germany, this herbal bitter was created in 1846 to settle the stomach after a meal.  Comes in three packs of small bottles.  44%ABV.

Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters ($4.99) – From the trusted Stirrings brand, this one stands apart from the others because it has no alcohol.  However it has plenty of flavor from blood oranges and botanicals.

Amaro Chuncho Bitters ($13.99) – This special tasting bitter comes from Peru and is known to go well with Pisco Sours.  Amaro has roasted coffee qualities and a mellow body with smooth texture.

Urban Moonshine Bitters ($49.99-$27.99) – This one is a personal favorite for sure.  Made by some nice folks in Vermonth, these bitters are well balanced, refined, easy on the pallet and soothing.  All organic, and available in three delicious flavors: original, citrus and maple.  35% ABV.  In addition, Beltramo’s has a limited supply of their Chocolate Love Tonic – discontinued but delicious, get it while supplies last!

Fee Brothers Bitters (4.99-$12.99) – From the east coast, Fee Brothers offer a wide range of flavors that hold natural fruit and botanical qualities.  A small amount of alcohol is extracted from the roots, flowers and plants allowing full body and flavor.  We carry over a dozen flavors from the classic Original Old Fashion and Orange flavors to Black Walnut, Mint, Grapefruit, Cranberry, and others.  Our most popular are Whiskey Barrel Aged and Gin Barrel Aged Orange!   .2%ABV.

Bittermens ($14.99-16.99) – We carry eight different flavors of this Boston original brand.  Each one holds its own style and characteristics.  Definitely an original brand and with original names such as Boston Bittah (citrus and chamomile), Hell Fire Habanero (hot sauce for cocktails), Burlesque Bitters (spicey and tart), Ele Makule Tiki (cinnamon and Island spice), and more.  44%ABV.

Cocktail Kingdom Bitters ($15.99) – Berkshire Farm Distillers create this brand in New York, and offer three original and obscured flavors: Barrel Aged Falurnum, Wormwood Bitters, and Coffee Bitters. Try them if you dare. 39% ABV.

The Bitter Truth ($17.99) – A relatively new entrant to the bitters world, and our collection at Beltramo’s is The Bitter Truth brand that began in 2006.  From Germany these different flavors are blended with water, 60 proof alcohol, and natural herbs and spices. Ideal for cocktail flavoring in a variety of flavors such as Creole, Jerry Thomas, Old Time Aromatic, Lemon, and the list goes on.

The Bitter End ($17.99) – The last on our list packs a concentrated punch.  Spicy, all natural, and hand crafted in small batches in Santa Fe.  Bitter End offers six different flavors that contain fresh and dried spices, herbs, fruits, chiles, and other aromatic botanicals.  Natural grain spirits give warmth to the mix. Their distinct line-up includes Chesapeake Bay, Memphis Barb-q, Moroccan Bitters, Jamaican Jerk, Mexican Mole, and Curry Butter. 45% ABV.

No home bar is complete without at least a few of these on the shelf.  The mixing possibilities are endless and these fun flavors are great for enhancing classic cocktails and creating new concoctions, so get mixing!

Mike Giles, Mixers & Bitters Buyer


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