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Classic Whiskey Sour

A Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail reminiscent of an older generation but enjoying a resurgence with the up-tick in Bourbon popularity.  Traditionally they are made with Bourbon Whiskey, lemons and simple syrup, but we’ve got you covered in case you don’t regularly stock lemons…we know you stock the Bourbon!  For the Bourbon, our recommendation would be Four Roses “Beltramo’s Cask” ($39.99) – the high rye content adds an extra layer to the cocktail that makes the finish more complex.  The following two mixes will keep things easy and reliable, which is really the essence of this cocktail:

Fee Brothers Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mix ($3.99) – This Company began in 1863 (that’s even older than Beltramo’s!) making solid cocktail mixes for bars and restaurants, and the recipe for this mix goes back to the early 1900′s.  A trustworthy mixer.

Mr. & Mrs. T’s Whiskey Sour Mix ($3.99) – The tart and sweet taste of tangerines, limes and oranges.  From Texas, where they take their whiskey cocktails seriously, this is a brand you can depend on.

Garnish with a wedge of orange or a maraschino cherry.

Mike Giles, Beltramo’s Mixers Buyer

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