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Champagnes for Fall

Recently, we received two Champagnes, the ’05 Special Club Blanc de Blancs and Brut Reserve Blanc de Blancs,  that I think really are extraordinary. They are from the wine-grower estate of Vazart-Coquart & Fils. This estate has a long history of grape growing, dating back to the 1860s, with full attention to Champagne production occurring in the mid 1950s.  Today it is under the expert guidance of Jacques and Jean-Pierre Vazart.

Located exclusively in Chouilly, in the area known as the Côte des Blancs, 95% of their vineyard is Grand Cru Chardonnay.  The remaining 5% is planted with Premier Cru Pinot Noir.  The vines average an age of 30 years, cultivated in a large number of different plots.  After pressing, each plot is vinified separately and blended according to their various characteristics.

The 2005 Club Blanc de Blancs is an excellent expression of the finesse and elegance that fine Champagne can achieve.  The wine displays a great lift of bright aromatics and flavors of citrus and minerals, a very fine mousse and a somewhat higher toned intensity and detail.  This gives the wine more a sense of airiness than weight, and yet remarkable length.  The Club, by the way, refers to an association of independent wine growers that strive to create superb quality champagne.  I can certainly say that this producer successfully accomplished the goal with this beautiful wine.     Price:  $79.99

The Brut Reserve Blanc de Blancs has a more flamboyant and bold personality than the ’05 Club.  Although it also possesses a very refined mousse and intense aromatics, the nose gives away hints of a fairly rich wine to follow.  And, it certainly does.  On the palate, a combination of apple, brioche, white chocolate and mineral all come together to create a richly textured, if not slightly creamy, expression.  Although there is a sense of weight, the wine is so beautifully balanced that it glides deftly across the palate.  Also amazing is the price.  With this exceptional wine, you get 100% Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs for just dollars over many non-vintage Brut Champagnes.   Price:  $49.99

I highly recommend that you try both these Champagnes. They will definitely enhance any of your Fall Season events and holidays.  Enjoy!

Gary M., Beltramo’s Wine Consultant


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