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World Beer Tasting, Friday August 16th

Most of you beer enthusiasts out there will be well aware of the brewing heritage of Belgium, Germany and the British Isles, but what about the rest of the world, and what kind of beer might they produce?  There are, in fact, many countries producing excellent beers of great quality in both traditional and experimental styles.  There are countless collaborations and experimentations with combining different malts and hops from around the world to create hybrid beers styles.

This week we will be sampling everything from Austrian Trappist beer and French Biere De Garde to complex dark ales from Canada and Norway to show the fine quality brews from around the world.

Try all nine of these fantastic beers for $5 this Friday August 16th.

Mikkeller ‘Dream Pils’ (Denmark)

Baladin Nora (Italy)

De Molen ‘Molenbier’ (Netherlands)

Engelszell ‘Benno’ Trappistenbier (Austria)

Gavroche Red Ale (France)

8 Wired ‘Rewired’ Brown Ale (New Zealand)

Beer Here ‘Autumnic Fallout’ (Denmark)

Nogne O Imperial Stout (Norway)

Dieu du Ciel ‘Peche Mortel’ Imperial Stout (Canada)

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