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Mikkeller at Beltramo’s

With the recent opening of Mikkeller Bar in Union Square San Francisco; the first outside of Copenhagen, what better time to talk about all the exciting new beer we are getting in here at Beltramo’s from this unique ‘Gypsy Brewery’ from Denmark.

From its inception in 2006 by two home-brewers, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Kristian Klarup Keller, Mikkeller has rocketed to national and international fame, consistently being voted among the top 10 breweries in the world.  Mikkeller’s success rests on both the uncompromising nature of producing high quality beer (never to be sacrificed by quantity) and the ability to produce experimental and unique products to challenge the palates and perceptions of the consumer.

With the ever growing demand for premium Craft Beer here in the U.S. combined with more educated and savvy beer drinkers looking for something new, Mikkeller is the perfect fit, with a huge array of high quality products showcasing every spectrum of the brewers art.

Here at Beltramo’s we have a constantly changing and evolving beer selection with great new products arriving almost daily; below is our current selection of Mikkeller products:

Anchorage & Mikkeller AK Alive  ($12.99) 750ml – A collaboration beer with Anchorage brewed in Alaska.  This is a Sour/Wild Ale with a touch of balancing sweetness.

Mikkeller Dream Pils ($5.49) 330ml – A crisp and refreshing Lager packed with American Hops, the perfect thirst quencher for a sunny day.

Grassroots & Mikkeller Wheat is the New Hops [16097] $5.49 330ml – An India Pale Ale brewed with wheat and fermented with Brettanomyces for a hoppy wheat beer with a touch of sour.

Mikkeller Funky E* [15486] $14.99 750ml – Belgian inspired Strong Pale/Wild Ale, brewed with Brett for a well balanced hybrid style.

Mikkeller Funky E* Chardonnay Edition ($12.99) 375ml – This is the Funky E* aged in Chardonnay wine barrels for added depth and complexity.

TO OL & Mikkeller Betelgeuze ($14.99) 375ml – This is a bold take on the classic Geuze style, a tart sour beer with the addition of dry hopping for a complimentary floral leafy character.

Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast [15447] $10.99 500ml – An excellent balance of creamy malts and assertive hops are sewn together nicely with a coffee kick!

Mikkeller Milk Stout ($5.49) 330ml – Milk stout is an old style seeing its resurgence in recent years.  This is an amazing example of a creamy stout with a hint of sweetness for the perfect after dinner drink.

Mikkeller Big Worse Barlewine ($10.99) 375ml – A strong ale with a heavy malt presence showing candied fruit and caramel/toffee notes complimenting the high alcohol.

Mikkeller Bourbon Barrel Aged Chipotle Porter  ($14.99) 375ml – This is a dark brown ale brewed with Chipotle for a subtle spice kick then aged in Bourbon barrels to add rich vanilla and a smooth creamy texture.

Christian B., Beltramo’s Beer Buyer

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