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Halloween Beer Tasting, Friday October 19th

After watching yet another Friday the 13th movie on the latest fear-fest marathon, your nerves are a little on edge but you still need to go get a refill of that super-size popcorn bucket from the kitchen; you turn to your friends and utter those ominous words, I’ll be right back…..

When you (hopefully) return with that buttery bucket of freshly popped kernels, don’t forget to reach for one of our delicious Halloween beers to calm everyone’s nerves.  This week we will be sampling a whole range of otherworldly beer from the light golden ‘Scarecrow’ ale and devilishly deceptive ‘Lucifer’ Belgian blonde to the dark sinister depths of the ‘Double Dead Guy’ ale and the rich intensity of Uinta’s ‘Jacked’ Imperial Pumpkin.

So come along and try all nine of these great Halloween beers for $10 on Friday 19th October from 4:30-6:30. I double dare ya.

Wychwood ‘Scarecrow’ Golden Pale Ale

Het Anker ‘Lucifer’ Belgian Ale

The Lost Abbey ‘Inferno’ Ale

Heretic ‘Evil Twin’ Red Ale

Maudite Amber-Red Ale

Wychwood ‘Hobgoblin’ Dark English Ale

Rogue ‘Double Dead Guy’ Ale

Uinta ‘Jacked’ Imperial Pumkin Ale

Shipyard ‘Smashed Pumpkin’ Ale


Christian B., Beltramo’s Wine & Beer Consultant

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