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Beer Tastings at Beltramo’s

The world of beer is incredibly rich and diverse; there are many different styles, flavors and textures.  The biography of beer contains a colorful and storied history stretching back thousands of years: the Egyptians drank it, the ancient Greeks dabbled with it, and now most of the modern world simply cannot get enough of it. 

However, this seemingly simple beverage can leave the average consumer overwhelmed with choices, from crisp and citrusy IPAs all the way through to rich and smooth Porters and Stouts.  There is also the question of how to serve beer and how to decipher the label to give you some idea of what lies beneath; particularly our Belgian and German beers, what exactly is a Doppelbock?  Who are the Trappist Monks and what on earth do they have to do with beer?

For the beer connoisseur, more concerned with hunting down a limited edition bottling or enjoying the subtle differences between Cascade, Centennial, Fuggles and Goldings Hops, there is an endless supply of old favorites and new and exciting creations to quench the endless thirst of the serious beer drinker.

However deep your level of immersion goes in the beer world, Beltramo’s is here to help.  In the near future our Tasting Room, once exclusive to wine, will be transforming on certain Friday nights into The Beer Cellar, and opening its doors for your chance to sample from our extensive range of beers.  So keep an eye on our website for the first Beltramo’s beer tasting event!

Christian B., Beltramo’s Wine & Beer Consultant



Beltramo’s Friday Night Beer Cellar Presents

Pilsners: Old World & New

Friday, August 31, 2012


Taste all seven beers for $5.  No reservation required.  More info here: http://www.beltramos.com/events/i0986410ug

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