Tales From The Cellar


In addition to Beltramo’s one-of-a-kind shopping experience in the store, Tales from the Cellar is created as an ongoing resource for our customers at home and on the go. Regularly, our wine and spirits specialists will post articles on any number of subjects, hopefully entertaining and educating readers with a thirst for knowledge. Just as the Beltramo’s website is an extension of the store itself, Tales from the Cellar is meant to be an extension of our staff’s ability to share their expertise and experience. More than anything, it allows readers and staff to connect over their shared passions.

Do you want to stay up-to-date regarding the release of new products? Are you curious about the history of your favorite drinks? Do you want to know the science behind beverages to reveal why certain drinks taste the way they do? Maybe you just need a quick and unique gift idea. You can find all of this and more at Tales from the Cellar, always incorporating the zest and dedication of service that has been a part of the Beltramo’s philosophy since the store raised its walls over a century ago.

No matter if you’re at your desktop, worktop, or are at the ready with smart phone in hand, stop in the Cellar for upcoming/recent store events, new product arrivals, or rare finds acquired by our buyers. Read up on subjects and products that happen to be piquing our staff’s interests. Learn what new Imported Wines are making their way across the waters, or discover the cutting-edge Whiskey experiments coming out of Bourbon Country. Read the freshest reviews and takes on new vintages of your most-loved Wines, and learn about staff favorites. You’ll find recipes for cool cocktails. Get information on great food pairings. You can even find ideas for cooking with Wine, Beer, and Spirits.

Tales from the Cellar will whet your appetite for everything happening at Beltramo’s. Remember: Life is a celebration, and every celebration deserves a good drink!